Andrea Zorzi

Andrea is the conductor of all these wonderful guys. ⁠
Although as a child he always kept a light on at night, he was able to transform his "auclophobia" (from the Greek ἀχλύς achlýs, "darkness", and φόβος phóbos, "phobia"), that is the fear of darkness and darkness, into his strength. ⁠Crescendo has in fact become more and more passionate about this topic so much that it has become his profession
A strong sensitivity towards lighting and the ability to imagine every space with the right light accompany him in every project. Who better than him can find the right solution for every need?

Barbara Mariano

Barbara has been part of the Light Center staff since it opened in 2007. ⁠
Always the face of the front office, available to welcome customers with a smile and the right advice. Strengthened by the experience gained in 15 years, he always tries to find the best answer to your requests, facing all situations with great energy (sometimes even too much 😉). ⁠
Three adjectives to define it: empathic, intuitive and ironic. ⁠

Martina Moranduzzo

Martina, Architect by training and coach by passion, found her inspiration in the light
He coordinates the design section of the Light Center with enthusiasm and carefully takes care of the image of the showroom, often forgetting that of his desk crowded with drawings and ideas .. ⁠
Tireless, reserved and with an artistic soul, she always tries to put a pinch of her creativity into each new project.

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