Coelux: artificial light that shines like the sun

"Coelux is a revolution: seeing is believing".

Light Center (official Coelux dealer for Northern Italy, Switzerland and France) invites you to see for yourself this incredible source of natural light, exhibited in its showroom in Aosta.

Designed by an Italian university professor, Coelux offers the illusion of full sun shining in a blue sky. Thanks to an ingenious system that combines optics and LED technology, it manages to create almost all the sensations of the natural rays of the sun: glare, heat effect and radiation.

Coelux is available in different models

For the high-end models, different types of effect are proposed, reproducing the typical sunlight: the Mediterranean model, which creates a balance between light and shadow and creates the best shapes and the best volumes, falling at 45 ° from the ceiling.

Recentemente Coelux ha introdotto sulla linea di prodotto Coelux High End, una nuova tecnologia chiamata “Sun & Moon” , uno
spectacular night scenery to reconnect with the first celestial object that man is able to see clearly with the naked eye: the moon.

The new CoeLux LS (Long Sky) system, officially presented at Light + Building 2018, is able to reproduce the changing characteristics of the real sky to give spectacular landscapes: sun, bright blue sky and infinite ethereal clouds through which the sun's rays they reflect.

CoeLux LS has been designed to be installed in any type of false ceiling and is available in two versions, Coelux LS Matte and Coelux LS Ice, which differ in frame size and finish: CoeLux LS Matte is equipped with a 13 cm high structure; the sun reflected on the opaque white walls of the frame creates a 45-degree beam of light which, when poured into the room, gives the viewer an extreme feeling of well-being and visual comfort; CoeLux LS Ice is equipped with a 10 cm high frame; the sunlight is reflected on the frame, which creates, in addition to a beam of light directed at 45 degrees, a beam of light also in the opposite direction. This important and unique feature makes it suitable for environments that require more intense light: the sun, in fact, the reflection on the frame is visible from several meters of dance.

With Coelux HT25, new for 2019/2020, installation is simplified thanks to the structure that is only 25cm high. A diffused zenith light and a view of the sun from below are the main features of this new product. Coelux HT25 can be combined, like the LS series, to form ever wider and brighter skies.

Coelux, a complex technology made in Italy

CoeLux, the product of an all-Italian "technological start-up", won first prize at the 2014 Lux Awards, "Light source innovation" category of the year. In fact, it is well thought out: in addition to reproducing sunlight, it recreates the atmosphere of a beautiful day: the scientists who designed CoeLux used a thin coating of nanoparticles to simulate sunlight. which enters the earth's atmosphere and through a transparent medium, such as glass, creating the Reyleigh Scattering effect, that is the mode of dispersion of particles with the blue radiation, which causes the blue of the sky on sunny days.

With Coelux you bring a new perspective not only to homes or offices, but it also fits perfectly into the areas of sales, large shopping centers, hospitality and wellness spaces, large transport hubs, airports and stations.

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