How to best install a wall lamp

How to best install a wall lamp


Today we dedicate ourselves to some tips to help you position a wall lamp correctly!

Wall lamps, or appliques, can emit different types of light, which we have already talked about in our article on light, that is single emission (direct or indirect), double emission, reflected or diffused light.

If we do not have special cases, the applique should generally be positioned above the line of sight, therefore above the 180 cm about from the ground, this to avoid glare.

Each type of wall light has its own ideal mounting: placing it at too high a height can be counterproductive, especially if it remains too close to the ceiling!

So here are our tips !!

Applies to biemissione and screened from the front, you can keep it at eye level, or slightly higher, so as not to be dazzled by the upper light source, which is often not shielded like the lower one, especially on integrated LED lamps.

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If the applique is light live and serves to emphasize the ceiling or the roof you can keep it at a minimum of 40 / 50cm from the ceiling, always respecting the other rules (min 180 / 190cm).

If the applique is light reflected towards the wall, it can also be mounted lower than 180cm if the conditions require it (attics, particular positions)

If the applique is light front it is always good not to have it at eye level, because it could be very annoying.

Finally…. if in a room you have several identical wall lamps, keep them all at the same height.

There are so many cases, but we hope that these generic tips have been useful to you!

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